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Tatvam Estate faced the challenge of managing extensive client data, improving sales efficiency, and enhancing the client experience. Scale-Dev's solution included a custom CRM to efficiently manage data, AI-powered suggestions for sales representatives, and personalized client pages. This innovative technology stack, which included Next.js and MongoDB, delivered a scalable, secure, and user-friendly solution. Ongoing support and maintenance ensured the system continuously met Tatvam Realty's evolving needs.


Tatvam Estate


October 10, 2023


Custom CRM development

The challenge

Tatvam Estate, a prominent real estate agency, was grappling with the overwhelming demands of managing client data effectively. Their existing systems were unable to handle the vast amount of information collected during property transactions. Additionally, they sought a way to enhance their sales process by providing their sales representatives with personalized insights and recommendations to boost sales efficiency. Lastly, Tatvam Estate was determined to provide a seamless experience for their clients by granting them access to customized pages showcasing detailed property information and images, all in one place.

The solution

Scale-Dev undertook the challenge by creating a custom CRM solution that seamlessly addressed Tatvam Estate's unique needs. The newly developed CRM was designed to collect and manage client data efficiently, revolutionizing the way Tatvam Estate stored and accessed information. To empower sales representatives, Scale-Dev integrated artificial intelligence into the CRM. The AI engine generated intelligent suggestions, helping sales reps understand client preferences and tailor their offerings accordingly, thus enhancing the overall sales process. Furthermore, a dedicated section for each client was established within the CRM. This personalized space allowed clients to access comprehensive details about properties they were interested in, accompanied by high-quality images, streamlining the buying process and making it a delightful experience.

Tech Description

The custom CRM built for Tatvam Estate was developed using a robust technology stack, including Next.js and MongoDB. The Next.js framework enabled the creation of a responsive and highly interactive user interface, enhancing the overall user experience. MongoDB, a NoSQL database, was leveraged for efficient data storage and retrieval, ensuring that client data and property information were readily accessible and easily managed.
Customized client pages were built using responsive web design, ensuring a consistent experience across various devices. Property details and images were securely stored in a scalable cloud environment, guaranteeing easy access for clients and the Tatvam Estate team.

Cloud and Deployment Services

The custom CRM was seamlessly deployed on a reliable cloud infrastructure, providing scalability, security, and 24/7 access for Tatvam Estate and their clients. This cloud deployment ensured that the CRM was always accessible and could adapt to the growing needs of Tatvam Estate's business.
Scale-Dev not only created a tailor-made CRM but also offered ongoing support and maintenance to Tatvam Estate. Regular updates and continuous improvement ensured that the CRM consistently met the evolving needs of Tatvam Estate, their sales representatives, and their clients. The partnership between Tatvam Estate and Scale-Dev has led to a transformative CRM solution that has redefined the way the real estate agency manages data, supports its sales team, and provides exceptional experiences to clients.